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Hello and welcome to the Fabulous Fashion blog! I am thrilled to present to you the newest show on the SLCN TV lineup, “Fabulous Fashion with Angie Mornington”. The pilot was shot on July 23rd in front of a live studio audience. We kept our fingers crossed in the hopes that SLCN would like the pilot and they loved it, and now we are working full steam ahead to bring you the show every week on SLCN TV!

For the pilot, I interviewed the Fabulous Digit Darkes, designer and owner of Digit Darkes. We had a really great chat (despite my crashing and initial nervousness). Digit showed the audience some of her favorite designs, and surprised the audience by announcing some new projects that she is currently working on. Accessories Stylist Daphne Abernathy showed us some of her favorite picks from the Footwear Expo, you know you can never have enough shoes! So make sure you check out the pilot, and stay tuned to see who our next designer will be!

I want to thank the entire staff at Perfect World Productions for their hard work and support, and SLCN TV for believing in us and taking a chance on our show.




Sydney Jazz Vocalist/Radio host Leonie Smith joined the Online Virtual World Second Life in November 2006 creating her alter ego Paisley Beebe. She is now Second Life’s undisputed Queen of Jazz! And its first real TV Celebrity.


Leonie/Paisley is the Host and Producer of Second Life’s highest rating TV Talk show “Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe” with tens of thousands of viewers every episode. Her audience is rapidly growing and catches her show every week via virtual TV screens, as well as on iTunes and online at


Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe” is broadcast exclusively by SLCN.TV the first and most successful Virtual TV Network with over 100,000 viewers watching 15 TV shows that are broadcast 24/7 on “Tonight Live” has filmed over 50 episodes and has been broadcast since May 2007, all episodes can be viewed at the website.


As CEO of “Perfect World Productions”, a Virtual TV Production company, who produces “Tonight Live”, Leonie Smith was recently featured in an ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission) News bulletin discussing virtual worlds and talking about her experiences as a Virtual TV Host and TV Producer. 


“Perfect World Productions” has another show currently in pre-production, called Fabulous Fashion and will be producing more shows in the next year, hoping to capitalize on the successful production model that has made “Tonight Live” the highest rated Virtual TV show. 


Virtual Companies are starting to advertise on “Tonight Live”, and with a fast growing audience Perfect World Productions will soon be the first financially profitable TV Production Company in Virtual Reality.


The “Virtual TV Studio” where “Tonight Live” is filmed every Sunday evening at 6pm PDT is always full to capacity with an “In world” virtual audience who crowd in every week to be filmed and participate in the show. It is a professional production, and many of the guests who have had real life television experiences have commented on how similar the “Tonight Live” studio is to a real life production set.


Perfect World Productions currently has a staff of eight who work as Directors, Co-Producers, Assistants, Researchers and Show Front Of House, as well as a Personal Manager for Paisley Beebe. Perfect World Productions is an international Production House with staff spanning Australia, Canada and the United States. Paisley and some of her staff also work as Consultants on other SLCN TV shows, guiding the other shows in the improvment of their productions, using the methods and techniques pioneered by Paisley and the Perfect World Productions Staff.


“Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe” is taped in a traditional talk show format with three guests per show.  “Tonight Live” has booked some of the most famous and notable Second Life personalities including Jeffronius Batra from Amazon, Torley Linden from Linden Labs and Glitteractica Cookie (Susan Tenby ) from the Non-Profit Sims.   “Tonight Live” has featured many artists, content creators, authors and business leaders.  “Tonight Live” also has a musician every week who performs via live stream from their real life studios.  “Tonight Live” covers all aspects of the virtual world and Second Life in particular, with an emphasis on Avatars who are making a difference in a positive and creative way in the virtual world. An appearance on “Tonight Live” has become must-do for many of those wanting to raise the profile of their business or cause in Second Life.


In addition to her status as one of the most well known TV Talk show hosts in Second Life, Paisley Beebe is also one of Second Life’s most famous singer, having started out in Second Life as a Jazz Singer.


Leonie Smith/Paisley Beebe is Australia’s only Female artist doing Live concerts in Second Life, and the buzz around this untapped talent is HUGE. Paisley’s shows are truly a cut above the rest. Not only is she an amazing talent in her own right, but she is raising the standard for live performances in Second Life by using only live accompaniment, and never using backing tapes or recordings.  Paisley’s singing is accompanied by live musicians who are the creme of Australia’s Jazz Community.  Her singing blended with their music is a true treat to the ear and is one of the best performances you will experience in Second Life.  


Her shows are always lively and highly entertaining in every aspect. Paisley has one of the biggest fan bases in Second Life and performs in front of a packed house at every venue, with fans who love to see and hear her sing live.  Her live performances in Second Life are as enjoyable as the best musical performance one could experience in real life.


With real life live venues closing down in her hometown of Sydney Australia, Second Life is opening up all sorts of musical possibilities for Paisley, with talk of an overseas tour and an album recorded in Second Life to be released this year.